Pet Grooming Parlour in Portsmouth

Pet Grooming Parlour in Portsmouth

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Pet Grooming Parlour in Portsmouth

Wet Pets PURRRRRFECT Parlours! Pet Grooming Parlours

ZERO Planning Permission or footings Required!

Our fantastic grooming Parlours provide the perfect working atmosphere in any shape, colour and size you require.

We have built parlours for some of the top groomers in the country who required a separate work space either positioned in their garden or made mobile to take to grooming exhibitions and shows.

If you don't have an appropriate space in your house to work from and would like to have somewhere in your garden or you need extra work space or a mobile parlour for shows and events then these provide the perfect solution.

     Pet Grooming Parlour Conversions Pet Grooming Parlour Conversions Pet Grooming Parlour Conversions Pet Grooming Parlour Conversions


All of our Parlours are made using a unique process, panels are made in one piece upto a maximum size of 10 x 3.5m, this reduces the number of joints needed ensuring a structurally stable, lightweight, watertight and strong structure with unbeatable thermal properties.

Buildings can be completely pre-made and simply craned into place - subject to sizes and access, resulting in minimal disruption to your home.

  • Made from our Revolutionary 'VSIP' PanelsPet Grooming Parlour Conversions

  • Unbeatable thermal qualities

  • Superb sound insulation

  • No planning permission required

  • No foundations required

  • Delivered complete & portable

  • Can be easily moved

  • 10 Year warranty

  • Built to any size & specification

     Dog Grooming Parlour ConverisonsDog Grooming Parlour ConverisonsDog Grooming Parlour Converisons

    The Design Process

    Each and every project is underpinned by the highest levels of Service and aftercare, that reinforce the decision to own a Wet Pets Parlour.

    The Build: The floor, walls and roof are made from our unique Structurally Insulated Panels. This ensures that the whole building is structurally stable, waterproof and provides unsurpassed levels of insulation. This helps to keep you warm in Winter and cool in the Summer.

    Foundations: Foundations are not necessary as our buildings are structurally self-supporting and can be posi-tioned anywhere.

    Exterior: We have a wide range of finishes, whether it be timber cladding, such as Thermo-wood or Western Red Cedar, painted, stone, eco wall or a modern panel system for a more contemporary look.

    Interior: From traditional plaster to attractive wall panel systems, a range of finishes from brushed Metal to Amazonia Linewood are available.

    Lighting: Low voltage LED lights are included as standard but a limitless choice of lighting is available.
    Flooring:A standard waterproof non-slip floor is included A choice of solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, tiled

    or carpet is offered.
    Heating/Cooling: A climate control system or under-floor heating are our most popular choices.

    Windows & Doors: A full length fixed window is included as standard with a modular door combining an optional fly screen. Bi-fold, Patio or French doors with a huge range of windows are available in a powder-coat colour of your choice.

    Power: Just plug into your home power supply and you are ready to play! Our special outdoor plug system enables you to use a standard 3 pin plug attached to a purpose built 25m chord to plug directly into a plug in your home, providing a limitless supply of energy which will power everything in your parlour. Internally, there are three double sockets and a British Safety Standard RCB unit that protects your electrical supply and provides you with maximum safety standards.


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